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16713 127 ST NW, Edmonton AB

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Professional Massage Therapists in Castledown

Stephanie Labutis Registered Massage Therapist

Stephanie Labutis is a registered massage therapist (R.M.T) with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and a registered nurse (R.N.) with the Canadian Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta. Stephanie specializes in massage and health services for adults and children in a clinical setting, designed to create a positive experience of wellbeing.

Michael Spangler Registered Massage Therapist

Michael Spangler is a registered massage therapist, trained Reiki Master and practitioner, and graduate of Grant MacEwan College. His massage work focuses on therapeutic, relaxation, and sports massage, and he is a firm believer in the value of holistic healing. Michael has found that Reiki is very helpful when used in conjunction with massage, especially for those with Fibromyalgia.

Kulwant Kang Registered Massage Therapist

Kulwant Kang is a registered massage therapist. He is good at cupping massage; hot stone massage; relaxation massage; deep tissue massage and foot reflexology.

Khaled AI Kountar Registered Massage Therapist

Khaled AI Kountar is graduated 2200-hour Massage Therapy Program from Makami College she was trained in Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Pre-natal, Post-natal, and Sports Massage.

Acupuncturist Dr. Holly Song

Dr. Holly Song graduated from the University of Changchun Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is MD in China. She has been practicing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for 30 years. She has been servicing acupuncture Edmonton since 1995. Dr. Song uses the Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis method to indicate the cause of the problem and dialectically treat it. Dr. Song uses Traditional Chinese and modern acupuncture techniques combine with Chinese herbs, cupping, guasha helped thousands of people to acupuncture Edmonton. Dr. Song Specialties:

Insomnia/Anxiety/Opthalmology/Otology/Neurology/Dermatology/Gynecology/Endocrinology/Gastroenterology/Cardiology/ Weight patients Heath is her concern.

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